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Två frågor: Siv Støldal

Förra året +46 Award-vinnare har flyttat tillbaka till Norge efter nästan 10 år i London, hon har bytt Hackney mot lilla byn Tyssöy.

What are you doing at the moment?
These days I am working on clothes for a very exiting contemporary
dance project together with Carte Blanche and the superstar
coreographer-duo Club guy and roni. It is a massive project that will
premiere in the Oslo Operahouse this autumn. I am also working on a
sculpture exhibition based on lost and found clothing, this will be
exhibited next year. But right this moment I am spending the day
organizing a pop up store that will happen in Bergen (Norway) in August
and be open for one month only. The shop will stock a few Norwegian
labels together with well known UK labels previously unavailable in

What are you most influenced of at the moment?
Right now I feel quite influenced by the sheer brutal sense of beauty in the landscape where i live. I am still not used to the immensely bright green landscape, it is almost as if it burns your eyes! I am also working on a project with the local community, where i work with local craftspeople, to make traditional craft into modern design, this is also super inspiring!


Foto: Fredrik Skogkvist
Bild ifrån kollektionen Siv visade hos +46: ”Three Wardrobes”.