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Jacob Polanka

Förrutom vår egen +46 Awards där vi varje gång per år utser skandinaviens mest intresanta designer så finns det ett antal andra tävlingar runt om i världen. För drygt ett år sen hade jag nöjet att sitta i juryn för Unit-F buro fur mode i Wien tillsammans med Angelo Flaccavento (Fd chefsredaktör för Italienska Rodeo, Fantactic Man mm), Elisabetta Berla, Stephan Wilpold ( moderedaktör Der Standard) och två andra eminenta personer som jag tyvärr glömd namnet på. Det var fem olika pris som delades ut, ett pris var riktat mot precis uteximinerade studenter där majoritetet var från Saint Martins  i London där bland annat svenska Ann-Sofie Back, Patrik Söderstam och Anna-Sara Dåvik tidigare studerat. Ett annat pris var riktat mot designers som redan hade gjort en säsong. I den senare kategorien så valde vi Jacob Polanka, en designer från Tjeckien som imponerade extra på oss i juryn. Efter priset har Jacob bland annat hunnit med att bli nominerad som finalist till den tävling i världen med högstprispengar i potten, Mango Award, men dessvärre vann han inte det priset den här gången.  Hursomhelt så är Jacob en designer man bör hålla ögonen på. Jag ringde upp Jacob och stälde några frågor samt bad honom skicka mig lite bilder från Mango Award. 

Tell us a bit more about yourself?
I’m from Czech Republic, I was born in a small forest village. You can get more details about my proffessional life from reading my CV on my website but the following things are good to know: I love baked potatoes with cream cheese, I love creating collections but I hate selling them and last but not least: I love to sing but I have no musical ear.

When did you decide to be a fashion designer and why?
I decided I wanted to become a Fashion Designer when I was about three years old. I don’t know why and probably wasn’t sure what it meant that’s my earliest memory. It was also my first choice in high school.

One year ago you won a price at the Unit-F festival in Austria and more recently you where nominated as one of the finalists in the prestigious Mango award where the winner gets 300 000 Euro. What in your own words is the reason for you sucess?
I love what I do and it’s become a way of life. If you love what you do no work is hard and no sleepless night is fruitless… Success is just a bonus that shows that hopefully what you do is interesting to other people as well. This is actually the first time somenone asks me this kind of question, I never thought about it before.  I try not to question myself too much in the creative process, it’s more like season after season, again and again… A sign of success is to actually get to make yet another collection.

What are you planning to do next?
I want a few days off and start to prepare my summer Polanka collection, the theme will be Orchid Anatomy, also there will be two more collections; one of them is for a slightly lower price range. It’s a lot of work producing for three different projects, it gives me a lot of freedom but we are only two people working at the moment so… It’s all work at the moment.

What are you influenced by right now?
I suppose I am influenced with everything that involves anatomy right now. It means I am trying to go underneath the surface of things, trying to create an organism and a system for how the garments are made. I am fascinated by how a piece of fabric can transform into something for the body without me using scissors or interfering with it’s original geometric shape.


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